Produce Bags



These lightweight bags are made from a stretchy mesh fabric, are hemmed with cotton fabric and pull closed with drawstring on both sides. They are strong and durable, and you can easily see what fruit and vegetables are inside each bag.

There are three bags in each pack, with one of each in pink, orange and white:

Small – 25cm x 30cm

Medium – 30cm x 38cm

Large – 35cm x 45cm


This beautiful product is made in Cambodia by women who have studied in a 12-month sewing program run by our program partner, Human and Hope Association, in rural Siem Reap. These inspirational women are using their skills to overcome poverty and create safe and peaceful lives for their families.

The Picnic Emporium will give 100% of the proceeds to Human and Hope to help support their wonderful work and the community of a Siem Reap.